Buying A Home In Las Vegas

Why you need to use a buyer’s real estate agent to represent you.

infoIt’s an incredible world that we live in with modern technology and so much information at our finger tips. These days to buy anything you can shop from the comfort of your own home and in your underwear if you wanted to. There are thousands of websites selling all sorts of things including homes in Las Vegas.

So with all of that access at a home buyer’s disposal why would a home buyer need a buyer’s agent to help them with their purchase. Why not just call the listing agent up and make an appointment to see the home!

Well you can if you want to. There is nothing stopping you from doing that. However, what most buyers do not realize or understand is that the listing agent is working for AND trying to make the Save Money - Green Buttonmost amount of money for THE SELLER. The listing agent is in a legal contract with the seller to help sell that home owner’s home as quickly as possible and for as much money as possible. That would leave the buyer and the listing agent in conflict with each other and leaving the buyer guessing or not even knowing if he/she did actually get a good deal for the home.

If the buyer decides

that they want to try the non-represented route, there are other obstacles to overcome as well. For example. The buyer would have to make appointments with each home and with each different listing agent to see multiple homes. This would lead to a lot of time wasting in-between appointment if the listing agent is running late for that appointment.  If the buyer had his own agent then that agent would be making all the appointments for the buyer and would have his own lock box key that opens up the homes without wasting any time – BUYERALL OF WHICH WOULD COST THE  ZERO OUT OF THEIR POCKET –  A FREE SERVICE TO THE BUYER - The buyer would even get picked up and driven to each home, yet another big savings to the buyer.

to doA Las Vegas buyer’s agent would send the buyer

a list of homes from the multiple listing service (MLS) that were current and accurate and based on the buyer’s own search criteria. Lots of homes that are listed on Zillow, Trulia,, are homes that are already in contract. Yet another waste of time for the busy home buyer.

A buyer’s agents job is to make the home buying process as easy as possible.

The buyer’s agent is responsible for many aspects of the sale ranging from:

Giving the buyer accurate and daily information on listings on the MLS,

Negotiating on the purchase of the home and getting the best deal for the buyer,

Making sure that all the paper work is filled in and filed correctly,

Keeping in touch and educating the buyer all the way thru the buying process,

Ordering the home inspections,

Making sure the lender is doing their job and is running on schedule.

Doing the walk thru just before closing,

Guiding the buyer thru the Closing Disclosure to make use the dollar amounts are correct.

Handing over the Keys at closing and reminding the buyer to switch over the utilities.

The list is endless

to the responsibilities that the buyer’s agent has to the buyer. AND IT’S ALL A FREE SERVICE TO THE BUYER. The seller is the one who pays the buyer’s agent and does so thru the agreed upon commission that they pay out to help sell the home.

So WHY then would a buyer

not let a buyer’s agent do all that work for them. The simple answer is that the buyer thinks that by going directly to the listing agent that they will get a better price for the home and save money.dollar1 AND THAT IS JUST NOT THE CASE. It goes back to who is working for who. The listing agents job is to make the most money for the seller. NOT the buyer. If the seller wants $200,000 for his/her Las Vegas home, then there is NOTHING that the buyer or the listing agent can do to reduce that amount. NOW the listing agent if he gets you to agree to that $200,000 then he is as happy as fish in a bowl!!!!. He now has you as the buyer and he has the seller and NOW he is getting paid on both sides of the purchase agreement. (The commission is normally divided between the buyer’s agent and the listing agent) and the listing agent is STILL only representing the seller.

So in conclusion,

the buyer’s agent, represents you thru out the purchase process, guides you thru the many stages of the purchase, sends you active and current listings, drives you around to see the homes, negotiates the purchase price for you, fills out all the forms, orders the home inspection, helps you with the lending process, walks you thru the home before close, goes to the closing table with you. ALL FOR FREE to the buyer. AND WORKING for you the buyer.

As an Added Bonus, if you sign up with me as your buyer’s agent I will give you a Realtor rebate to help you with some of your closing costs. (which in my way of saying thank you to you for letting me help you buy your dream home). All you need to do to get the rebate is call Bill Hall at 702-419-2728 or email Bill at

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