Cycling around Las Vegas

If you like cycling as I do, then Las Vegas to me is a great place to be. The weather is perfect almost all year round for this type of recreation and there are so many great places to go for a really good work out. Our road system here in the valley is becoming more and more bike friendly with bicycle lanes and laws that have recently been pasted (the 3 foot rule), where cars are not allowed to pass the cyclist if there is less that 3 feet of space between the bike and the car.

Some of my favorite

places to cycle are the Red Rock Scenic Loop over in the Summerlin area and the River Mountain Trail Loop down by Henderson. Another route, a hard and hilly ride, is the road heading up to Mt Charleston (21 miles from I-95 to the Restaurant at the very top of the Mountain) This ride is a slow and steady climb that makes your leg muscles burn, but the ride back down is a fast 45 mile hold on to your seat race to the bottom. The Lake Mead State Park is also a great place to ride. The Lake Mead Park begins in Boulder City and can take you all the way to Valley of Fire in the north, some 70+ miles from start to finish.


Las Vegas is also home to some well organized

cycling events. The Tour De Summerlin is a 100, 75, or 40 mile bike ride (not race) that takes you from Red Rock Casino to the Sheep Mountains to the North back south west to the redrock scenic loop and then eventually back home to the casino. Tour De Fire is another grueling but well organized ride that starts at the Boulder City end of the Lake Mead State Park and goes all the way up to the Valley of Fire Park. This ride gives the cyclist the option of riding the full 135 miles or doing a 100 or 65 mile section. The RTC and the ADA folks also have organized rides of 100 miles  that takes you all over the Las Vegas valley.

So get out there and have some fun and remember to drink plenty of water.

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