The other side of the short sale.

If your a buyer looking to buy a short sale then what a great time to buy and potentially make a profit in years to come. But if your a seller then your whole world just fell apart on your American dream.

As a realtor I get to see hundreds

if not thousands of homes per year. Some are extremely well maintained and others not so much. Some are occupied with the current owner and some are vacant. Many homes that I look at with clients are bank owned and some (these days mostly) are short sales.
Click here for other photographs of this home (Caution – may be shocking to some)

These short sale homes tell a very sad story

that have effected all of us in some way.  The houses I take my clients to each day tell a tale of the anger and frustration that these home owners have had to go thru. I have seen the worst come out in people thru the destruction of these short sale homes. Appliances have been pulled out and taken away to be sold for pennies on the dollar. I have seen holes punch in to every wall in the house and bleach poured on to very nice carpet rendering them useless and in need or replacement. Concrete poured down toilets, toilets broken or completely taken out. Whole kitchens removed leaving dangling water pipes. Light fixtures, doors and facets taken. Air conditioning units missing. Water left running and mold growing on the walls.Walls painted in a graffiti like manner allowing the home owner one last say before they departed their dream home. The list is endless to the types of damage that these homes have endured not to mention the thousands of dollars in damage that the next owner has to deal with.
The home owner has tried to go thru loan modification, had there credit destroyed, may be lost their jobs or had a reduction in income. Kids have had to move and leave their best school mates behind. It is very easy to see how their anger and frustration can build up and be let lose on the monster that once was there pride and joy.

What a shame that all of this had to happen.


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